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Plantar Warts

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We may treat your plantar warts in a number of ways. Unfortunately, warts are stubborn entities and even the best methods for removing them allow a high rate of reoccurrence, of around 15%.

We may choose to use medication that is stronger than what is available at the pharmacy. This can speed up the process. Depending on the size and number of warts, treatment can take from 1-4 months before the wart is completely gone, and like any infection, all parts of it must be completely eliminated, or it will grow back.

We may choose to use an oral medicine called Tagamet (Cimetadine) or an ointment called Efudex (5-fluorouracil) on the wart. An additional option is to physically remove the wart at one time, either surgically, with a spoon like instrument called a curette, or with the CO2 laser. The healing time is from 2-4 weeks, depending on the size. Use of the CO2 laser reduces the rate of reoccurrence to 10%, reduces post-operative pain and eliminates any bleeding.

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